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Fidjen Privacy Policy.

Here are worded privacy policies Fidjen.

Your privacy is very important to us.

You own all the content and information you post on Fidjen, and you can control how it is shared through your privacy settings.

1. - Not accepted log information or children under 13 years for any reason. If you are under 13 years old, not attempt to register for Fidjen not provide us with any personal information. If we discover we have received information from a child under 13, we will delete such information and the account concerning this as quickly as possible. If you know of information from a child under 13 years falcificación information, report up through this email fidjen@fidjen.com.

Protection of minors

We are committed to protect children using fidjen.com. Until you turn 18, not created public search results themselves and the visibility of your information is limited to friends of friends and networks, even if they have chosen to be available to everyone. This does not apply to name, profile picture, gender and networks are always visible to all, so that friends from real life can recognize.

2. Information we receive

Information you send to us:

Information about you. When you register with fidjen.com, provide us your name, email address, sex and date of birth and algotros personal data. During the registration process, we offer the ability to connect to your friends, you can also add a photo. In some cases we may ask for additional information for security reasons or to provide specific services. Once you register you can provide other information about you related, for example, your city of residence, hometown, family, relationships, networks, activities, interests, and places. You can also provide personal information about you, such as your job tnedencias policies, religion and others.

Content. One of the main purposes of using fidjen.com is to share content with others, for example, update your status, upload or take a photo, upload or record a video, share a link, create an event or a group, make a comment, write something on someone's Wall, write a note or send a message. You decide who can see your activities by changing your privacy settings.

Information about friends. We offer contact import tools to help you upload your friends addresses so you can find them in Fidjen and invite contacts to join those who are not yet registered in fidjen.com, If you give us your password or other information to get these contacts, not once charged will keep information of contacts.

Information we collect when you use fidjen.com:

Information on web site activity (fidjen.com). We track the actions that you perform in fidjen.com, such as adding connections (including joining a group or adding a friend), creating a photo album, stating that "like" a post, attending an event or connect to an application. In some cases, you are also taking an action when you provide information or content. For example, if you share a video, in addition to storing the actual content updated, we can record the fact that you shared.

Access to information from the device and browser. When you access fidjen.com from a computer, mobile phone or other device, we may collect information from that device about your browser type, location and IP address, and the pages you visit.

Information we receive from third parties:

Fidjen.com platform. We do not own or operate the applications or websites that you use through fidjen.com Platform (such as games, networks and other programs). When you connect to a website or application platform, we provide information, including information about actions you take. In some cases, we may receive a limited amount of information before you connect to the web site or application to customize the connection process.

Information from other websites. We can set up programs with advertising partners and other websites in which they share information with us:

- We may ask advertisers to tell us how our users responded to the ads we showed them (and for comparison purposes, how they have acted in your page other users who had not seen the ads). This data sharing, commonly known as "conversion tracking" helps us measure our advertising effectiveness and improve the quality of the ads you see.

- We may receive information about whether you see it or not, or if you've interacted with certain ads on other sites, to measure the effectiveness of those ads.

If in any of these cases we receive data that we do not have, I will grant the status of "anonymous", which means it will not associate the information with any particular user. If we establish such programs will only make use of the information as described in "How we use your information" set forth below.

Information from other users. We may collect information about you from other Social Cloud users (such as when a friend tags you in a photo, video, or place, provides details of your friendship or indicate their relationship to you).

3. Share information fidjen.com. This section explains how privacy settings and how to share your information Fidjen. Before sharing any information you have to consider your privacy settings.

Name and profile picture. Fidjen is designed so it will be easy to find and connect with old friends and thousands of Salvadorans in general. For this reason, your name and profile picture do not have privacy settings. If you want to share your profile picture, you should delete it (or not add one). You can also control who can find you when searching fidjen.com or on public search engines using the search or privacy settings in fidjen.com.

Contact information. The configuration of your contact information control who can contact you and who can see your contact information (such as your email address, and phone number). Remember that this information is not mandatory (except email address) and not have to share your email address with anyone.

Personal Information. The configuration of your personal information control who can see your personal information (such as your political and religious trends) if you decide to add it. We recommend sharing this information using the "friends of friends" or "just friends".

My publications. You can select a privacy setting for each post you make using the publisher on our site. Whether you upload a photo as publish a status update, you can control exactly who can see it at the time it is created. Every time you share something, looking for the padlock icon. If you click on the padlock will display a menu that lets you choose who can see your post. If you decide not to select your setting at the time to publish content, that content will be shared in accordance with the privacy settings of my publications.

Connections. fidjen.com allows you to connect virtually any person, firm or comnidad you want, from friends and family to the city where you reside or restaurants you like to visit and your favorite bands and movies. Since it takes two to connect, your privacy settings only control who can see the connection on your profile page. If you feel uncomfortable that your connection is publicly available, you should delete it (or not create).

Sex and date of birth. Besides the name and email address, we require that you provide your gender and birth date during the registration process. We ask the date of birth to verify that you are over 13 years and thus, better able to limit access to content and advertisements that are not suitable for certain ages. Since your date of birth and gender are required, you can not remove them. However, you can edit your profile to hide all (or part) of such fields so that other users can not see them.

Others. Other notes to remember:

- Some of the content you share and the actions you carry out are displayed in the home pages of your friends and other pages they visit.

- If another user tags you in a photo, video, or place, you can remove the tag. You can also limit who can see that you have been tagged on your profile from your privacy settings.

Even after you remove information from your profile or delete your account, copies of that can remain visible information elsewhere to the extent it has been shared with others, is otherwise distributed pursuant to your privacy settings, or has been copied or stored by other users.

-You must understand that information can be shared or copied in turn by other users.

-Some types of communications that you send to other users can not be removed, such as messages.

- When you post information on another user's profile, or you make a comment on the publication of another user, this information is subject to the privacy settings of another user.

Information "Everyone." Information set to "everyone" is publicly available, such as your name, profile picture, and connections. Such information remains accessible and visible to all who enter on the Internet (including people not registered in fidjen.com), is subject to indexing by third party search engines, and be imported, exported, distributed, and redistributed by us and Privacy others without limitation. This information may be associated with you, including your name and profile picture, even outside fidjen.com, for example, in public search engines and when you visit other websites. The default privacy setting for certain types of information you post on Social Cloud is set to "all". You can review and change the default settings in your privacy settings. If you delete the content shared with "everyone" previously published in Fidjen, delete it from your profile, but can not control fidjen.com use outside.

Minors. We reserve the right to special protections applied to minors (as provide them with content appropriate to their age) and place restrictions on the ability of adults to share and connect with minors, recognizing this may pose for children a more fidjen.com limited.

4. Information you share with others.

Fidjen.com platform. As already mentioned, do not operate the websites and applications that use Platform fidjen.com nor are their owners. This means that when using these applications and websites, Fidjen your information is only available to the site (fidjen.com). Before allowing access to any information about you, we require them to agree to a number of conditions that limit their use of your information.

Connecting to a Web site or application. When you connect with an application or website, they will have access to General Information about you. The term General Information includes your name and your friends' names, profile pictures, gender, user ID, connections, and any content shared using the privacy setting "All". To help these websites and applications to implement security measures and control the distribution of appropriate content to users of different ages, we can make available information on the location of your computer or access device and your age . If the application or website wants to access other data, will have to ask permission.

We advise that you always read the policies of websites and third-party applications to make sure that you agree with the way in which they use information you share with them. Fidjen can not guarantee that these websites or applications meet our standards. If you find an application or website that violates our rules, please report the misconduct to the e-mail fidjen@fidjen.com and take appropriate action.

When your friends using the platform. If your friend connects with an application or website, they can access your name, profile picture, gender, user ID and the information that you have shared with "everyone." They can also access your connections, but can not access your list of friends. If you have already connected to that website or application (or you have another account on these places), it is possible that they too can connect with your friend through this web site or application. If the application or website wishing to access any content or information from you (including your friend list), will have to obtain specific permission from your friend. If your friend grants permission to the application or web site may only access content and information about you to which your friend can access. In addition, they may only use such content and the information in connection with that friend. For example, if a friend makes an application access to a photo you only share with your friends, that application could allow your friend to view or print the photo, but can not show it to anyone else.

Web sites and third party applications previously approved. To provide you with useful social experiences off fidjen.com occasionally need to provide General Information about you to websites and pre-approved third-party applications that use the platform when you visit (if you're still logged into fidjen.com). Similarly, when one of your friends visits a web site or application previously approved, you will receive general information that you may also connect yourself through that website (if you also have an account on that website). In these cases, we require these websites and these applications undergo an approval process and participate in different agreements in order to protect your privacy. For example, these agreements include provisions relating to the access and deletion of your General Information, and the possibility to refuse participation in the experience offered. You can also remove any web site or application you have visited previously approved here, or block all websites and previously approved applications not obtain general information about you when you visit here. Also, if you log out in Fidjen before visiting a website or application previously approved, they can not access your information.

Advertising. Sometimes the advertisers who present ads on fidjen.com use technological methods to measure the effectiveness of their ads and to personalize advertising content. You can use cookie settings of your browser to limit or prevent the fixation of cookies by advertising networks.

Links. When you click on links on fidjen.com, it may take you outside our website. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of other sites, and we encourage you to read their privacy policies.

5. How we use your information

We use the information we collect to try to provide a safe, effective and personalized. We've included some information on how:

To manage the service. We use the information we collect to provide our services and features, and lend evaluate and improve service. We use the information to prevent illegal activities and implement could be our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. We also use a variety of technological systems to detect and deal with activities and failed to screen content to prevent abuse such as spam. These efforts may result, at times, the end or the suspension or termination of some functions for some users.

To get in touch with you. Occasionally, we may contact you with service-related announcements.

To offer you personalized ads. We do not share information about you with advertisers without your consent. (An example of consent would be if we were to ask you suministrásemos your shipping address to an advertiser to receive a free sample.) We allow advertisers to choose the characteristics of users who will see their advertisements and we may use any of the attributes we have collected that not identify you personally (such as information you may have decided not to show to other users, for example, the year of birth) to select the appropriate audience for those advertisements. For example, we might use your interest in soccer to show you ads for soccer equipment, but we do not tell the company that sells the equipment who you are. Although we do not share your information with advertisers without your consent, when you click on an ad or otherwise interact with it, there is the possibility that the advertiser may place a cookie in your browser and note that it meets the criteria you have selected .

To provide social ads. Sometimes, we match ads that offer relevant information we have about you and your friends to make advertisements more interesting and better accommodate you and your friends. For example, if you connect to the page of your favorite band, we show your name and your profile photo next to an advertisement for that page that will be your friends. We only share personal information visible in the social ad with the friend who can see the ad. You can choose to have your information used in social ads fidjen@fidjen.com emailing.

To supplement your profile. We may use information about you that we collect from other users Fidjen to complete your profile (for example, when you tag a photo or you are mentioned in a status update). In such cases, usually allow you to remove the content (such as allowing you to remove a photo tag of you) or limit the visibility of your profile.

To make suggestions. We use your profile information, the addresses you import through the contact import tools and other relevant information to help you connect with your friends, including make suggestions to you and other users with whom you connect on fidjen.com . For example, if another user imports the same email address as you, we suggest that you conectéis among you. If you want to limit your visibility in suggestions we make to other people, you can adjust the privacy settings of search visibility, and you're only visible in our suggestions to the extent you choose to be, in public search results. You can also block specific users that you make suggestions to them or to make suggestions are not yours to them.

To help your friends find you. We allow other users to use contact information they have about you (such as your email address) to find you, including through import tools and find contacts. You can prevent other users from using your email address to find you using in your settings search search privacy settings.

Accounts In Memory Of:. If we are notified that a user has died, we can convert your account to an account In Memory Of:. In such cases we restrict profile access to confirmed friends, and allow them and their family to write on the user's wall in her memory. We may close an account if we receive a formal request from a relative of the user or other relevant legal request to do so.

6. How We Share Information

fidjen.com is based on sharing information with others (friends and members of your network) while offers a privacy setting that you can use to restrict other users' access to your information. We share your information with third parties when we believe such action is permitted by you which is reasonably necessary to offer our services, or when we are legally required to do so. Eg

When you make a payment. When you make transactions with others either make payments fidjen.com, only share transaction information with third parties as necessary to complete the transaction. We will require those third parties to agree to respect the privacy of the information.

When you invite a friend to join fidjen.com. When you ask us to invite a friend to join fidjen.com, we will send a message to you, using your name. The invitation may also contain information about other users your friend might know. We also send up to two reminders on your behalf. You can see who has accepted your invitations, send reminders, and delete email addresses of your friends in the page history invitations. If your friend does not want us to retain your information, we will delete it upon request by sending an email to request to fidjen@fidjen.com.

When you choose to share your information with marketers. You can choose to share information with marketers or electronic commerce providers associated deals fidjen.com through the website. This will be at your own discretion and do not supply you with these traders information from you without your consent.

To help your friends find you. By default, we include some information that you have placed in your profile in search results fidjen.com to help your friends find you. However, you can control who can see this information as well as who can find you in searches, through your privacy settings. Providers also collaborate with email and instant messaging to help their users identify which of their contacts are Fidjen users, so that we can promote our network (fidjen.com) to those users.

To give search engines access to publicly available information. In general, we restrict the access of search engines to our website. We can allow them to access information set to the "all" (along with your name and profile picture) and your profile information that is visible to all. You can change the visibility of some of your profile information using your privacy settings. You can also prevent search engines from indexing your profile undergo using your search settings.

To help improve or promote our service. We sometimes share aggregated data with third parties to help improve or promote our service. However, just so that we can not identify any particular user or linked to it with any information or specific action.

To lend services. We may provide information to service providers to help us provide you with the services we offer. For example, we may use third parties to host our website, send out email updates about fidjen.com, removing repetitive information from our user lists, process payments, or provide search results or links (including links promoted). These service providers may have access to your personal information for use for a limited time, but when this happens, we implemented systems reasonable technical and contractual protection to restrict your use of that information to helping us to offer the service provided .

To advertise our services. We may ask advertisers outside Fidjen showing ads to promote our services. We may ask them to deliver those ads based on the presence of a cookie, but in doing so will not share any other information with the advertiser.

To provide joint services. We may provide services jointly with other companies, If you use these services, we may share your information to facilitate that service. However, you will identify the partner and present the Privacy Policy sets service provider before you use that service.

To respond to legal requests and prevent harm. We may disclose information pursuant to subpoenas, court orders, or other requests (including criminal and civil matters) if we believe in good faith that the law requires such a response. This may include respecting requests from jurisdictions outside of the United States when we believe in good faith that the local laws of that jurisdiction require that response, apply to users from that jurisdiction, and are consistent with generally accepted international standards. We may also share information when we believe in good faith that it is necessary to prevent fraud or other illegal activity, to prevent imminent bodily harm, or to protect us and the user who violate our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. This may include sharing information with other companies, lawyers, courts or other government entities.

Transfer in case of sale or change of control. If the ownership of all or substantially all of our business changes, we may transfer your information to the new owner so the service can continue operating. In such a case, your information would remain subject to the commitments made in the pre-existing Privacy Policy.

7. How can you change or remove information

Editing your profile. You can change or remove your profile information at any time by going to your profile page and clicking "Edit My Profile". Information will be updated immediately.

Deactivating or deleting your account. If you want to stop using your account, you can disable or delete it. When you deactivate an account, no user can see it, but not eliminated. We save your profile information (connections, photos, etc..) In case you later decide to reactivate it. Many users deactivate their accounts for temporary reasons and in doing so are asking us to maintain their information until they return to Fidjen. You will continue being able to reactivate your account and restore your profile in its entirety. When you delete an account is deleted permanently from fidjen.com. You should only delete your account if you are sure you never want to reactivate it. Limitations on removal. Even after you remove information from your profile or delete your account, copies of that can remain visible information elsewhere to the extent it has been shared with others, is otherwise distributed pursuant to your privacy settings, or has been copied or stored by other users. However, your name will no longer be associated with that information on fidjen.com. (For example, if you post something to another user's profile and then you delete your account, that publication could remain, but be attributed to an "anonymous user Social Cloud".) Similarly, we may retain certain information to prevent identity theft and other misconduct even if deletion has been requested. If you have provided to applications or third-party websites access to your information, they may retain your information to the extent permitted by their terms of service or privacy policies. However, after you disconnect from them, they can not access the information through our platform.

Backups. Removed and deleted information may remain in backup copies for up to 90 days, but not available to others.

8. How We Protect Information

We make every effort to keep your information safe, but we need your help. So any suggestions are always welcome.

Measures we take to keep your information safe. We keep your account information on a secured server behind a firewall. When you enter sensitive information (eg passwords and credit card numbers), we encrypt using socket layer technology (SSL). We also use automated and social measures to enhance security (as the analysis of the activity of the account if there is any abnormal fraudulent behavior or other), we can limit the use of web site features in response to possible signs of abuse, we remove inappropriate content or links to illegal content, and may suspend or disable accounts if there violations of our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Risks inherent in sharing information. Although we allow you to set privacy options that limit access to your information, please be aware that no security measures are perfect or impenetrable. We can not control the actions of other users with whom you share information. We can not guarantee that only authorized people see your information. We can not ensure that information you share on fidjen.com not happen to be available publicly. We are not responsible for any third party to mock any privacy settings or security measures fidjen.com. You can reduce these risks by using safe habits common sense as choosing a strong password, using different passwords for different services and use antivirus software.

Report violations. You should report any security breach to this email fidjen@fidjen.com

9. Other terms

Changes. We may change this Privacy Policy pursuant to the procedures outlined in the Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities of fidjen.com. Unless stated otherwise, our privacy policy in effect applies to all information that we have about you and your account. If we make changes to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you by posting here or by email.

Last updated: June 1, 2012.